Most Recent Drawings and Some Current Plans for Jaybo Art

I recently deleted my last blog post about "where Jaybo art is going" because I realized very quickly that there is no way I know for sure. In the art and design world... circumstances change so rapidly and opportunities come out of no where.

For sure, though, this is what I'm currently up to. I am drawing for fun and making them available to purchase for anyone who wants to buy them. I have always been fascinated by flies and while I draw them I take in consideration the process of how each piece was attached to the fly and what makes that piece of the fly so important. I just finished 6 boneflies on a 9"x12" and was blown away how the original sold so quickly and how a larger fly fishing apparel brand bought the rights to it. That's the most exciting achievement that an artist can get: draw something that you create and have people want and for more people to eventually see.

I know that Christmas is also coming up. I am preparing myself for the influx of commission drawings that comes with the season. I am very excited about those because it's awesome when someone wants to give a memorable gift to for someone special in their life.

Also, I have 2 events coming up in December: one in Charleston, SC and one in Titusville, FL. The Charleston event is a small trunk show that my good friend invited me to on King Street. The event in Titusville is at the renzetti factory where they are hosting a Project Healing Waters fundraising event. I'll be donating a few pieces and spending a couple days down there with a buddy.


Here are some of my latest projects:

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