Think Like an Artist: Art Quotes to Help You Draw

When I was in college I really developed most of my drawing style from the following quotes. Whether you are a professional illustrator, someone who wants to draw like a professional, or someone who just likes to think... then this a great list of quotes to check out.

  1. "The idea is to have no idea. Get lost. Get lost in the landscape." -Malcolm Morley
  2. "Dont resist anything. Do anything that is vaguely interesting to you" -Gary Stephan
  3. "Choose a purpose and see it through to an end." -Jackie Windsor
  4. "Draw something without making any two lines the same." -Tom Wesselmann
  5. "Keep yourself off balance because the process allows for a certain amount of discovery." -Benny Andrews
  6. "Try to make something so beautiful it hurts." -Dorothea Rockburne
  7. "It's easy to be an artist in your head. Do more." -David Salle
  8. "Paint faster than you can think." -Alex Katz
  9. There arent any definite procedures and there arent any definite tools. You have to decide for yourself what your tools and procedures are going to be." -Richard Serr
  10. "Draw something behind your back." -Tom Wesselmann
  11. "The viewer becomes more involved as the 'art' becomes more of a puzzle." -Will Insley
  12. "We are obliged to steal pieces of language, both visual and textual." -Barbara Kruger
  13. "It takes a lot of willpower and desire to be an artist hunting for what excites your imagination. It can be difficult because it takes so much discipline to continue." -Barry Le Va
  14. "The thing that keeps me going is trying to figure out what keeps me going." -Bruce Nauman
  15. "Work comes out of work." -Richard Serra
  16. "The worst thing that could happen to you is to make one style or one gesture all your life."-Komar & Melamid
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