Project Updates

  • As far as Christmas commissions, I am finally winding those down by this weekend. It's been fun and slightly stressful, but I am very grateful! The reason for winding those down and having them shipped by the 14th helps ensure that all drawings get to their destinations in time. I am once again sorry for having to turn down several Christmas commissions- just remember there are original drawings, paintings, and cliff fly boxes available on the website. 

After the 14th, I will be tackling a 12-15 week project for a client which I am more than ecstatic to start. Also, I had accumulated 6 or 7 non Christmas related commissions that should be a ton of fun as well. 

In the meantime I will be looking into new products. I've been looking into more decals, belts, custom wine bottle glasses, hats, and etc. I'm looking for anything unique and cool that I can see my art on or see myself designing something cool on. 

Also, I am excited to be trying to master a new medium: water color. (In my spare time for fun). And on top of everything, I am widening my subjects and experimenting with drawing/ painting dogs and also wildlife/ hunting scenes. Just this Christmas I allowed dog portraits and did 6 dogs total, and was excited to see how they turned out. 

I'm attempting to expand to doing wildlife for a few reasons. First, I'm in love with the outdoors in general and I would love capturing outdoor scenes onto paper. And second, I really survive on new challenges and mini successes. I always have to be learning something new and trying to perfect something new. New mediums and new subjects will allow for this. Don't get me wrong, fish and fly fishing will always be my thing... it's more of who I am than any other subjects. Like I always say... I'm not going to fight inspiration. 

- Jay Talbot

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