Christmas Commissions Are Finished Posted on 16 Dec 09:38 , 0 comments

As of Tuesday, 12/15/15, all the Christmas commissions that needed to be mailed out in time for Christmas were. Now all that is left to do is 3 or 4 dog portraits. So far, I have really enjoyed learning the new detail of fur and how to express that texture through drawing. I can't wait to post many of the dog portraits after Christmas. 
Beyond Christmas, I am incredibly blessed. Commissions are still coming in daily that have no deadline. Which is good when there is a 1-3 month wait still because of the volume of current commissions. 
So if you contact me to commission something, the sooner the better. That way, I can get your piece in the mix. Also, please checkout the new commission rate page. I have made it more clear and stream line.