Accepting 10 More Commissions Because... Posted on 21 Dec 12:06 , 0 comments

Even though Christmas commissions are finished, I still have enough commissions to say that I am booked til March or April.

I love commissions because I get to talk to customers, and it's a lot more personal than just clicking a button on my website to purchase something. However, so that I can focus fully on the commissions I currently need to work on... I've decided to accept only 10 more custom pieces until March. 

However, feel free to email me about commissions anyways. Just keep in mind that the piece won't be considered until April. This will also ensure your spot for when I do start accepting commissions again.

All these commissions are a great blessing to me. I know of other artists that have a 3-4 month wait year round, and that is awesome. I'm hoping to be there one day. I really love having my artwork in people's homes instead of art galleries. It's a bit more meaningful, and it's all that I ever wanted. Not saying I'm apposed to having my stuff in art galleries, just saying I wont get as much out of it. 


Anyways, thanks for all of the support everyone!

I am grateful,