Reflecting on 2015

2015 was my biggest year to date. Probably because it was my first year as a full time artist! Here are some memories from this past year. (some odd some not lol)

  1. I did my first cliff box art thinking I could do a ton of those through the year. Only sold 1! haha.
  2. Did my first large oil painting. It was 2 foot by 4 foot and I thought I could finish it in less than a week. It ended up taking me 4 months from start to finish! It was a project that was exciting at first, then I had to wait to find more inspiration to finish it.
  3. I saw my first drawings on tshirts for the first time, it was really cool to see my drawings on there. Then all of a sudden wasn't really interested in that route anymore.
  4. Did my first grateful dead inspired pieces. Those were a hit, must have completed 20 or 30 commissions with grateful dead somewhere in the inspiration.
  5. Did a ton of doodles. I think doodling all the time really helped my skill and helped me develop a lot in my drawing. 
  6. Started this website over the summer, paying a monthly fee for 3 or 4 months before I had my first view on the website! Later, it paid off to have exponentially though and things really picked up on the site.
  7. Met Cameron Mortenson at a Trout Unlimited meeting in Columbia, SC. Was cool to meet someone you've seen everywhere on Instagram for so long.
  8. Launched my first blog post on here called "Technology: Google Fishing"... was a very hot topic to say the least.
  9. Changed the way I posted on instagram. I started using instasize for all my photos and making pics easier to look at. Made a huge difference considering since that move people started following @jayboart more. 2,700 new followers since I made that change 20 weeks ago. 
  10. Experimented with so that people could buy my prints and everything right from there. Not a single thing sold from there (lol!)
  11. Went through a mini-series kick, where I did little drawings on 3"x4" paper. I think 2 people were actually interested in those. I thought it was going to be the next big thing, but obviously it didnt take off haha.
  12. Started a "draw your catch" type drawing (or painting) that was a success. And I really enjoyed doing them too.
  13. I launched a limited series of bears on a skiff decal that sold out within a couple of hours. (Need to do more of those)
  14. Did my first duck drawing... then dog portraits, then 8 more dog portraits lol. I don't mind those at all though, pretty fun.
  15. Changed my instagram logo from a salmon color to a tie dyed color. You know, cause it's about inspiration and thinking outside the box and going with the flow.
  16. To wrap it up, I was honored to water color the new taimen world record on fly for the guy who caught it in Russia!


Those are the main memories, I can sit back and laugh at most of them and try to learn from them too. One of the biggest things I learned is that it's hard to plan a year exactly how you'd like it to be... It never really happens that way. In 2016, ill take one step at a time... on project at a time.


Cheers and happy NYE!!


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