Jaybo Art Now Accepting New Commissions

As of today, I am accepting new commissions... Please send any inquiries you have to jayboart@gmail.com.


The last month or so I was trying to catch up a little bit without any distractions. Please note though, there is a 1 to 4 month wait right now on commissions. But please inquire now to save your spot, some smaller pieces I might be able to get done even sooner.

Just reminder I draw fish, lures and flies, dog portraits, ducks, scenes, and willing to tackle almost anything but would let you know. I will add a tab on the site today explaining the general commission rates for different stuff. 

Thank you for the unbelievable support! I am also happy to announce that I recently moved to Charleston, SC which has been a dream of mine. If you're in the area lets have a beer. 



Jay Talbot (jayboart@gmail.com)

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