Week of March 7-11 Posted on 4 Mar 23:04 , 1 comment

So as many of you may know, I still have a 3-4 month wait on most commissions. I'm very excited and happy about everyone wanting me to draw and paint things for them. I'm always honored and grateful for them, it's how I am able to keep doing what I love to do and I thank y'all for it.

I have 2 main projects that I am trying to focus on now. One is a 16"x20" water color painting of an iconic photo that was taken by Bennie Brawley of the Ravenel Bridge. The other large project is an initial 12 piece set of 12"x12" drawings for an office, that has in mind to do 40 more pieces after that set. 

On top of that there are about 20 or 25 other commissions on top of that that range from dog portraits to logos to boat graphics to secret projects. And even further on top that I am trying to design things for cool products to have on the website. For example: the newest rasta bearskiff:

As far as this next week coming up. My goal is to finish that 16"x20" water color painting and finish 6 of those 12"x12" office drawings, and also start on rough drafts for design projects. It will be a very busy week next week with plenty of coffee and beach walks in between drawings. 


Thanks again for keeping up and for all the support, God bless.