Angler Series: DJ Dan Decibel Answers a Questionnaire

Jaybo Art wants to do something a little different. This is a blog series on the person behind the fish. So many times we get too focused on the fish, but the reality is that people are more important. This series will high light several fishermen: some people you may know and some you've never heard of before. That's cool though... get to know some people through this interesting questionnaire as we start with @dj_dan_decibel in this series.

Who are you? My name is Dan Decibel well at least that's my stripper name my real name is Daniel Diez. I was born in Cuba and have been living in Miami, since I was 7 years old. Ive been fishing all my life thanks to my dad used to fish for a living and currently lives in Cuba. I love to make Fly Fishing films and love to document my time on the water for those people who aren't as fortunate to get out and fish as much as they would like. I am also a South Florida DJ for over 10 years and have gotten lucky to travel the world doing so.

What do you do? I am a Filmaker, I Edit, Produce and DJ.

How do you do what you do?

What will you be doing in 5 years? Hopefully in 5 years I will be lucky enough to have a family and kids that share the same passion for fishing as much as I do.

Preferred type of fishing? My favorite method of fishing is Fly Fishing.

Biggest fish caught? 20 inch Puffer Fish.

Best part of your day? Best part of my day is when I hear my alarm clock go off before a fishing trip.

Worst part of your day? The worst part of my day is coming to an end of every fishing trip.

Bourbon, beer, or wine? Bourbon

Rage out on the town or quietly sip drinks at home? Sip drinks with friends at home.

Mountains or beach? Mountains

Your dream fish to catch? My dream fish to catch is a Tailing Mutton Snapper on fly on a flat.

Favorite restaurant? Taco Bell

Your thoughts on fake people? Not thoughts about them they dont matter.

Your biggest pet peeve about another fisherman? On social media, people who constantly post the same pics over and over again of the same fish to make it seem like they are catching fish. Ive seen people post 10 different pictures of the same fish.

Last song that you listened to? Baha Men- Who let the dogs out.

Favorite band of all time? The Jonas Brothers

Other hobbies? I built the Effiel Tower with my bare hands.

What is something no one knows about you? No one knows I actually created the first Pizza ever!! (Youre welcomed everyone)

Best memory fishing? My best fishing memory was when I got to take my mom fishing in a nearby lake and she ended up catching a huge Peacock Bass. Its definitely been burned into my memory for years to come.

Worst memory fishing? The worst fishing memory Ive had so far was reef fishing in the middle of the night with my little brother and my friends 3 other younger brothers. A summer storm formed out of nowhere and lightning came down as if it was the end of the world. I was scared for my life not because of what would happen to me but what could potentially happen to the kids on the boat. The storm was forming near land in the Florida Keys and we had to pick up anchor and jet out of our current location. We had lightning strikes hitting as close as 50 feet. I took the helm and had to head offshore a few miles in order to get away. That was definitely the worst memory fishing.

Funniest fishing story you have?

#1 person you’d like to meet? I would love to meet my idol "Will Ferrell". Since I can remember he has been an Idol of mine. I even have a bobble head of his in front of dashboard in my truck.

Tell us anything you absolutely want as a closing statement: I feel like this is that quote that goes under your picture for your school yearbook, well here goes nothing, "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, here's my number, so call me maybe."

Cheers! Next week we will ask a Charleston, SC native the same questions... his middle name may surprise you.

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