Update: What is Jay Talbot up to?

This is a busy time of year for sure! And I am grateful for it. I have several projects going on right now and I'll try to fill you in on them.


1.) Four dog portraits and three logos are going to be completed over the next couple of weeks because of deadlines.

2.) After those are completed, I will be working on a unique series of Grateful Dead scenes for an office in upstate South Carolina.

3.) In the meantime, I am teaming up with New York artist Tripp Derrick to do murals in Charleston, SC. Tripp is originally from South Carolina and moved to NY and ended up making it big as an artist. We have kept in contact over the last couple of years, so I was thrilled when he gave me a call to team up in my new city.

4.) In the meantime during that meantime, I will be spending my nights designing for a new brand coming out, in which I see as a huge opportunity. I will be working with some really great people.

5.) On top of everything else, I am continuing to complete other commissions that I am about 6 months behind on (sorry about that). Also, I will be designing for Jaybo Art and continuing to grow the retail side of it.


These opportunities mentioned above will actually allow me to have a vacation in June or July. After that vacation, my prices will be going up on custom pieces. And also, I will not be doing anymore logos (I just don't enjoy doing them that much). My goal is to not be so spread out with commissions. If I could do 1 commission per week, I would be very happy.

Afterall, I do what I do to connect with the fly fishing world and so that I can fly fish as much as possible. I really appreciate all the support, and I am always blown away by who approaches me to design and draw things. Always honored when it comes to that.


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