Behind "The Million Dollar Tarpon" Painting Posted on 7 Feb 11:12 , 29 comments

The inspiration behind the original ink on watercolor painting title "The Million Dollar Tarpon" is multi fold. 

First, my first love of fly fishing. Later my love of attempting to catch Tarpon on the fly. It is the perfect metaphor- Art is beautiful and elegant in its own way of reflecting an artist’s view of the world, and selling a piece of work for such a price is like catching the big tarpon on the fly. I couldn’t think of a better model for the first Million Dollar painting than the tarpon. It is the ultimate game fish and such a gorgeous fish.

Also, there’s the artist freedom inspiration. Every once in a while I need to step back from doing commissions and designs for small companies and realize that I have artistic freedom. I am a full time artist. I work from my home office and create cool things everyday and that’s what pays the bills. Sometimes I get too focused on that, and I forget about this artistic freedom that I have earned. I say earned because I decided 6 years ago that I would be an artist no matter what, and it was a hard first 2 years before I could actually make an income I could live on. This artistic freedom that I’m talking about takes me back to those first two years- no money and just living on inspiration. I did "The Million Dollar Tarpon" in order to remember why I’m an artist. I wanted to do this tarpon in this style and I want to sell it for a million dollars. It’s okay if this piece of art stays with me for the rest of my life, but a million dollars will take it- frame not included.

Thanks for reading,

Jay Talbot