Here's what you need to know about Christmas commissions 2018

Every year I get really busy with Christmas commissions starting in October. I do urge people to get their commissions in as soon as possible for several reasons.

  1. It's the best way to know you'll have yours finished by December 15th, the last day that I like to mail out Christmas commissions.
  2. It helps me plan and schedule, especially with traveling that I am expecting to do in November.
  3. And also to prevent any last second and stressful commissions that always get squeezed in the last second. This year I will charge a rush fee for late commissions, after December 5th.


The process:

  1. Email me at
  2. Please include a high quality photo, the size (see below for pricing), and any other details you'd like to include.
  3. I'll confirm your photos and will send an invoice for a 50% deposit (required to hold your spot and also to start your project). The invoice is sent via Paypal as a link to your email. It let's you pay with a card or with Paypal. I also accept Venmo.
  4. I'll be in contact once I finish your piece for your review. This is the time for revisions or edits if possible.
  5. Then the final 50% is due once you're happy with the portrait. You can either go to the same link as before to pay the remainder, or you can request for me to send you the link again.
  6. Then I ship it out via USPS. The packaging is water resistant and very sturdy. 


Here is my pricing for Fall 2018:

  • Dog portrait

    • 6"x8"- $150
    • 9"x12"- $250
    • Add $30 for a simple background
    • Add $50 for rush fee. If commissioned after December 5th for Christmas.
  • Draw your catch portrait

    • 6"x8"- $150
    • 9"x12"- $250
    • Add $30 for a simple background
    • Add $50 for rush fee. If commissioned after December 5th for Christmas.
  • Duck drawings

    • 6"x8"- $150
    • 9"x12"- $250
    • No backgrounds
    • Add $50 for rush fee. If commissioned after December 5th for Christmas.
  • Fly drawings

    • 6"x8"- $125
    • No backgrounds
    • No rush fees

All my portraits and drawings are done on watercolor paper with mixed media. Usually with an archival ink pen and watercolor.

 Total commissions I can accept at this moment: 25-30 (Sounds like a lot, but it does fill up every year.)


If you aren't necessarily interested in a commissioned piece, I will add a few new drawings and paintings to my website for purchase anytime. Along with the t-shirts, hoodies, decals, and canvas prints that are on the site. 

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