Jaybo Art doesnt put logo or signature on apparel

Have you noticed that I don't put my signature or logo on my tshirts or stickers? I have experimented with it on my first decals, but I didn't really like it.

For the most part I don't like to put my signature or logo on any of my apparel or designs. Every other company that I talk to goes in depth about branding and marketing and making sure to put your company name or logo on clothing and stickers. I understand that a lot of people even like to represent a company and want the logo on their clothing. Think of Yeti for example... whether you like it or not you want their name written on your clothes. Why? How come that is...

I started to not put a logo on anything I did because, seriously... who wants to wear a brand with the word "art" in it? "Jaybo Art" written on your chest. It just doesn't seem natural or right to me. I guess I am a very personable business owner, and even if people wanted to represent my company by having the name written on em, I would feel that it would be for the wrong reasons. I would be flattered, but honestly I want people to focus on the designs. I want people to appreciate the designs enough to talk to the person wearing a shirt and ask "where did you get that?"

I don't even put my signature on a lot of my own t shirts. I really don't even care if people know that I did the piece. I just want people to appreciate the design and the artwork, I don't care for the credit. I mean if someone blatantly steals a design and the credit then that's a different story.

Maybe I'm just hung up on doing things differently that every other brand in America. Or maybe I'm hung up on the idea of growing a company by not even using a logo (for the most part, I know I use my logo on letters and social media). But I mean on my clothing and stickers.

I know my perspective could change in the future as I grow and learn more, but right now- being a small company working from home- I really like the idea of no signature and no logo. It goes against what everyone would think is logical, but I like it that way.

I am proud that Jaybo Art has turned into a healthy full time company, where I work at home and print my own t shirts in my kitchen.

Just a boring post, but hope you thought it was interesting. Let me know your thoughts if you've read this far!

Thanks, Jay Talbot

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