Charleston, SC Ravenel Bridge Sunrise Design, 03/18/24, #4

Charleston, SC Ravenel Bridge Sunrise Design, 03/18/24, #4

Continuing my illustration a day, Monday through Friday of each week, I somehow landed on this drawing. It's not really a satirical design, unless you think it's funny that those fishermen on the boat are probably headed way out somewhere, and there are tailing redfish right there. However, they probably already know those fish are highly pressured, or maybe it's just too easy of pickings to find those fish. Either way, I digress. 

Let me tell you a little bit about how I came up with this illustration. I was brainstorming, looking a photos and I came across a photo of the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC.

Charleston, SC Ravenel Bridge from a Flats Boat

Some of you may not have known that I lived in Charleston for about 2 years. All I did while i was down there was fish, do art, and listen to the grateful dead. I figured to remember that time I was down there, I would loosely be inspired by this design:

Mainly just the concept of a cool sunset and silhouettes of some of my favorite things- tailing redfish, Charleston, a flats boat in the distance. The crescent moon is more representative of the state of South Carolina's flag in my drawing though.

Jay Talbot of Jaybo Art Fishing for Bull reds in Charleston, SC with Captain Caleb Andrews.

So I guess you could say that the illustration I drew this morning is just a culmination of my favorite things. It's nostalgia at the same time as a goal of mine to fish Charleston more in the future, and see more sunrises like this one, and to enjoy every opportunity I get to fish.

How was my drawing created you ask? I use an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil, and I mainly draw in the Procreate app. 

And that pretty much sums it up. As I do more of these I will work on making these posts better and better. If you've noticed- this week I used photos. Progress! lol. 


I just want to shoutout Captain Caleb Andrews that I fish with and have known for about 10 years now. We were on his boat for the first photo and we get into some good times fishing. His website is if you want to book him for a trip.

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