Good Luck Fishing Design 03/14/24, #2

Good Luck Fishing Design 03/14/24, #2

The inspiration behind this design is just from the old superstition that it is bad luck to bring bananas on a boat. Some people believe in the superstition full heartedly, while some don't care about it at all. Whether you believe it or not, you have probably heard of it if you've been fishing long enough. 

In the fly fishing scene, I have known people who will lose their mind if a banana is brought on the boat. This design is a dichotomy of good luck fishing, with a bad luck banana, all mixed into a smiley face. 

I hope you enjoyed knowing exactly how the idea came about. I am trying to do a funny illustration every week day. I believe it's good to sit down every day and work out my brain muscle to come up with these ideas. Some will be absolute winners, some will be complete busts- but hopefully they brighten your day a little bit regardless. 

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Thanks for reading!

Jay Talbot (Artist of Jaybo Art)

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