Ron Caught A Fish Yesterday, 03/20/24, #6

Ron Caught A Fish Yesterday, 03/20/24, #6

The inspiration behind this sketch is the feeling the day after you have caught a fish. The day before, everything went as planned and you ended up catching the fish. So today at work, all you are thinking about is "yesterday was a good day, catching that species of fish was incredible."

I was wondering how could I portray this feeling in a sketch that people would just get and relate to. Then it clicked- Ron Swanson when he wears his red tiger woods shirt to work. I don't want to explain this part, I am hoping that enough people know what this means. If you don't, then you can search youtube for the scenes.

This was a brief recap today.

If you would like to buy 8.5"x11" art prints you can click here. I changed out the species of fish to include: tarpon, redfish, permit, snook, trout, catfish, and largemouth bass. 

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